Xiaomi Mi 50W Power Bank 20000mAh

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Xiaomi Mi 50W Power Bank 20000mAh - Power bank designed for power users. Capacity 20,000mAh, ports 2x USB-A (out) + 1x USB Type-C (in / out). Can charge laptops, MacBooks, Nintendo Switch, etc. with an output of up to 50W via USB Type-C. The power bank can be charged with an input of up to 45W in as little as 4.5 hours. Up to 3 devices can be charged at once. Support for charging low-current devices (headphones, smartwatches).



The new Xiaomi Mi 50W Power Bank 20000mAh offers almost identical parameters but adds support for 10V charging at 5A, which gives an output power of up to 50W. So you can charge your Mi 11 to full in just 44 minutes. And if you have an iPhone 12, you can charge it up to 4x.

Main advantages

  • Huge capacity 20000 mAh
  • 50W fast charging via USB-C connector, power bank charging up to 45W
  • Total 3 charging ports
  • It also supports charging of low current devices
  • Protective elements prevent overheatingshort circuits, and other incidents


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Decent capacity

As capacity growth tends to elude new generations of smartphones, the power bank plays an important role in everyday life. As the power of smart devices continues to grow, more and more electricity is needed. Xiaomi Mi 50W Power Bank 20000mAh offers this energy right away. That means up to 1.9 times charged Xiaomi Mi 11 or almost 4 times charged iPhone 12. The power bank can charge not only your phone, but even your laptop via the USB-C connector.

The list of compatible laptops is long, but we can generally say that any laptop with USB Power Delivery support can be charged with this powerbank. However, be aware of the 50W limit, so if you are actively gaming or doing more demanding activities on your laptop, charging can be very slow. Powerful laptops come with power adapters with double or triple the power, this should be taken into account.

Fast charging

You guess that recharging such a crumb will not matter for a few tens of minutes. Thanks to quick charging (it works on both sides) it will not last even the whole day. When using a classic 10W charger expect 100% recharge in 11 hours, but using 45W it is only 4.5 hours. LED indicators are used as an indication of remaining energy.

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Pleiades of ports

Thanks to its large capacity, the Xiaomi Mi 50W Power Bank 20000mAh offers three output ports. The middle USB-C port provides a 50W MAX fast charging. The classic USB-A ports provide fast 5V/3A, 9V/2.23A, 12V/1.67A, 10V/2.25A (depending on your device) output when using one of the ports and 5V/3A output when using both ports simultaneously.

Technology standard

The power bank meets the highest safety standards and can be taken on board an aircraft. Safety features include overheating, short circuit, input and output overvoltage, or overcharging and undercharging protection.


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The package includes the powerbank itself, a short cable and a manual. The power adapter is not included. For fast 45W charging of the powerbank, you must use a power adapter with at least 45W output power.

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